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Capt. Emmanuel Joel Rtd

"I immigrated from Nigeria to  America and served six years in the Army where I obtained a Masters Degree in Safety , Security and Emergency Management, with specialty in Occupational Safety from Eastern Kentucky University. I joined the Houston Fire Department in 2007 as a Rookie and then rose to the rank of Captain and supervised the City's emergency response assets during small and large scale incidents before my retirement in the Fire Service.

As a Captain and certified in the Incident Command System (ICS), I managed multi casualty airport events and large scale multi-agency emergency responses for 5 years.

Before my promotion to Captain, I experienced the painful loss of my mentor and Captain at a house fire. My

captain called for help and a rescue team was sent out to retrieve him and his crew but to no avail. They were found hours later after they had ran out of air from their air packs. This dark period for me inspired a vision to find a solution to this problem that has claimed 1000 firefighter lives in structural fires in the last three decades.

Since my retirement I have focused on the growth of Rescunomics as a solution provider of innovative solutions to Global safety for emergency responders.

I have since been developing the Hērōs Software application which I invented to solve this major problem and reduce fatalities at emergency scenes."

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