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Software Features 

Creating a digital platform for the emergency services, which offers life saving solutions through technology.

     Accuracy - Able to map and locate end users

  • Hērōs™ software as a service provides digital blueprints of internal layouts of buildings from our robust database to emergency responders and government agencies before they get on scene.

  • Hērōs™ provides geolocation and tracking services of victims and responders accurate to 1meter in buildings and in real-time showing using their x, y and z coordinates.

  • Hērōs™ cuts law enforcement response times in half in Active shooter incidents by merging the world of the victim with that of the rescuer using our patented AI-assistive technology.



   Ease Of Functionality - user friendly interface


  •  The Hērōs™ application is robust, interoperable and easily integrated into existing legacy systems of municipalities ensuring its cost-effectiveness.

  • Hērōs™ allows for smooth operations among multi-agencies in emergency events . Its ease of use by users has been touted to be smooth and enables for easy operation with limited training.

  • Hērōs™ provides mission critical data e.g. weather warnings, real-time road closures and risk analysis of areas being responded to.


Accurate GPS / IPS Locations

Floor plan.jpg

Detailed Floor Plans

Image by Annie Spratt

Multi-Geo Location Range


Weather Data & Traffic Reports


Emergency Frequencies 


Response Time Analysis 

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